Project Introduction
EOE (Exchange of Exchanges) is a Global Asset Chain, which will connect exchanges, banks and other financial institutions across the globe based on blockchain technology, and help clients to trade diversified and innovative financial products (including but not limited to stocks, bonds, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, crypto derivatives, and structured products with cryptocurrencies as their underlyings) with just one single account and a one-time KYC authentication procedure. EOE will be open to all the individual and institutional investors to establish a standardized integrated KYC authentication system and a unified trading, clearing and settlement system based on the features of blockchain, such as tamper-resistance and smart contract.
Our Visions
Use one single account to invest in all kinds of global financial products including stocks, bonds, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, crypto derivatives, and our innovative trading products based on blockchain technology.
Establish the first cross-market and cross-asset financial exchange platform based on blockchain technologies that offers integrated KYC solution, transaction verification, clearing and settlement services.
Create an innovative social investment community and overturn the traditional asset management model. Build an international financial ecosystem.
Provide innovative financial products and services to satisfy the market demand more efficiently.
Token Allocation
Launch V1.0
  • Use blockchain technology to solve the problem of unification. Establish a standardized and integrated KYC system in different markets under various regulatory systems based on blockchain technology.
Launch EOE Wallet
  • Solve the access control management problem when investors are depositing or withdrawing in different markets to provide a convenient mobile transaction management platform, and also lay the groundwork for the coming digital bank.
Digital Bank
  • Focus on establishing a unified clearing and settlement system as users from different markets are trading with different fiat currencies on the Universal Ledger. We welcome any new regulation and will apply for necessary licenses.
The Core Team
Cimon ZHU (CTO)
Joe graduated from Shanghai University, and is a special guest of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Block Chain Project. He was an early block chain angel investor. Joe has worked in Wind Information, RoyalFlush Network Technology, and He is an entrepreneur in the financial industry with more than 10 years of experience in futures, funds, securities, investment and other fields of financial practice.
Cimon has a Bachelor’s degree in computing from Wuhan University. He has served as the techni- cal director in professional IT software companies and well-renowned private equity funds. As a co-founder of Arfiss, he specializes in the technologies of financial derivatives and is committed to the block chain programming trading algorithm.
Leo holds a Master Degree in Economics from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. He is a senior accountant and statistician, a senior international financial manager (SIFM) and has obtained the Cambridge University Chief Financial Officer (CFO) certification. He served as the financial manager and financial director of Wuxi Erjian Construction Group Corporation, Wuxi Municipal Construction Engineering Administration, Wuxi Little Swan Co., Ltd., Shanghai Longshi Investment Co., Ltd., and the general manager of Shanghai Baichuan Financial Services Co., Ltd. He has 17 years of work experience in the financial sector and 10 years of experience as a senior executive in the financial sector.
Elaine CHEN (COO)
Christine LU (CMO)
Junfeng LV
Elaine has a master’s degree in Law from National University of Singapore and a master’s in Financial Regulation and Risk Management from Paris Institute of Political Studies. She has worked for SunGard Asset Management and a private equity under Zhongtai Securities Co., Ltd. With nearly 10 years of experience in the financial industry, she has served in large-scale financial institutions such as the Korea National Pension Fund, China Asset Management, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale and Nordea and offered asset management and European financial regulations advisory services. She also has years of experience in China's equity investment and asset man- agement industry.
Christine has a master’s degree in Applied Finance from University of Queensland (Australia). She has worked for AccrossChina Communication, Edelman Public Relations Worldwide(China), Nielsen China and has rich experience in marketing promotion, branding, public relations, market performance analysis, New media operation of both online and offline channels.
Junfeng graduated from Zhejiang University. He was formerly Head of R&D for Hang Seng Electronic Asset Management System and Blockchain Platform System. He was responsible for the development of Hang Seng's blockchain platform and the overall design and development of the US stock trading system of Wanhui Investment Securities. He is committed to empowering financial transactions and asset management with IT technology, and has extensive experience in transaction system architecture design, business analysis and system development.
Advisory Team
Lionel WANG
Frank WU
Bing LI
Lionel has more than 15 years of experience in the financial industry and is a serial entrepreneur. He has founded Hong Kong Bai Chuan Financial Group and Yuan Kun Investment Management Co., Ltd. and has achieved remarkable investment results in securities, funds and interbank markets. Since establishing Lion Financial Group in 2016, as CEO, he has continuously made new attempts in Fintech field, including one-stop trading platforms, trading robots, cloud computing-backed smart investment consulting, and global clearing and settlement based on blockchain technology. Lionel holds an MBA degree in finance from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and an EMBA degree in Finance from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Glen has a proven profile of successful senior management that has utilized highly developed interpersonal and leadership skills and over 30 years of knowledge and experience of the FX and CFD marketplace. He has considerable experience in broking soft commodities and energy futures and options. Glen personally established and managed various floor and OTC operations and served on several exchange committees with an extensive and widely dispersed network of contacts within the financial services sector in London and beyond.
Andrew has a proven track record of managing, trading and developing a wide spectrum of derivative instruments and products within both the retail and institutional sectors of the financial marketplace. He has served as a senior director for many financial companies including RAW SPREADS CONSULTING LTD, GENERAL TRADE GLOBAL LTD, and possesses rich experience in FX CFD market in terms of liquidity, technology and regulatory requirements.
Frank has a bachelor degree in computer science from Anhui University. He has more than 10 years of experience in technique development and management in the Internet industry, and over 3 years of entrepreneurial experience as a co-founder. He is good at product management, technique development and management and business model design. He has developed the reading-writing separation system for an e-commerce platform which can achieve tens of millions QPS and tens of thousands TPS. Recently, Frank is leading a team on a project that will solve the problem of equipment identity access authentication based on blockchain technology in IOT field, and the development of a large asset financial lease project.
Bing is a CFA charter holder and holds a Ph.D. in Financial Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. He has worked in financial institutions such as ABP, Axial, ING IM, and Lombard Odier, and has managed discretionary accounts of more than 80 high net-worth clients with total assets of over USD 3 billion.
Independent Directors
Rover LUO
Rex LI
Gin has served as Head of Marketing at many well-known European derivative brokers, and head of Greater China at eToro, one of the world's top 50 Fintech companies. He has rich experience in compliance supervision, liquidity, bridging, risk management, and marketing in CFDs and spot market. Gin is familiar with the financial supervision system of derivatives in UK, US, and Australia. He has assisted companies in landing overseas and applying for HKMA license.
Rover has a master’s degree in E-commerce from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has worked in companies such as Heng Wah International / South China Futures and McNair Futures for over 10 years in various fields such as marketing, operations and trading. He is good at overall layout planning and operation management in securities and futures businesses.
Rex has an MBA from Advanced Institute of Finance of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a double degree in Economics and Literature from Peking University. He has been engaged in structured transactions in financial markets and asset management in Chinese and foreign banks and asset management companies. He is also a financial risk manager (FRM) and a CFA charterholder.
  • Q What is EOE?
    EOE (Exchange of Exchanges) is a global asset chain. It will connect exchanges, banks and other financial institutions around the world and establish a consolidated KYC authentication system and a unified trading, clearing and settlement system based on the features of blockchain, such as tamper-resistance and smart contract.
  • Q What kind of problems can EOE solve?
    EOE addresses the problem of the artificial disconnection of global asset classes, and help investors to solve the problems of KYC authentication, creditability, clearing and settlement, liquidation, cross-border payment across the world.
  • Q Is EOE a public chain?
    No, EOE is a consortium blockchain.
  • Q What is EOET(EOE Token)? How are they used in the project?
    EOET is used as the token and currency of settlement, and can be used to pay for various services and products on the platform. The total number of EOET is 10 billion and will never be over-issued.